Zirkus Nachtmahr

Thomas Sentier

Zirkus Nachtmahr


The third team-project realized at the Mediadesign Hochschule was “Zirkus Nachtmahr”, a 3D rollercoaster experience for Samsungs GearVR. The project has been realized in cooperation with “Skyline Park”, a german amusement park.


The purpose of Zirkus Nachtmahr is to give a user a totally new experience while being in the rollercoaster.

Wearing the GearVR, the user is immersed in a crazy circus theme, giving him brand new feelings while speeding down in the cart.



What I did

In this team of 7 person, there were 2 programmers. We did receive some elementary code implementing a network connection as well as a data-transmission framework helping the communication between the actual and the virtual rollercoaster.

My work consisted primarily in creating tools for Unity3D to support our level-designer and sound-engineer. The most noteworthy is an event-trigger-tool which, in combination with trigger-boxes in Unity3D, could manage a lot of different events like lights, particles system and sounds.

These tools helped improve our workflow a lot and saved us some precious time.

What I learned

This project taught me a lot about team-communication, workflow optimization as well as building on existing Code.

This was also my first project working with an external contractor, which already gave me a good idea on what to expect for future commisioned jobs.

As this was a commissioned job, I am not allowed to provide source files or/and an executable.
Here is some alpha footage of the virtual drive through the SkyWheel: