Who am I

My name is Thomas Sentier, I am currently working for Wild River Games GmbH as Team Lead for Software Development.
I have studied game design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich, Germany and have completed my Bachelor of Science there.
I specialized myself in coding/programming and am looking forward to improve my knowledge and skills in the field of Virtual Reality.


After getting my Abitur at a German gymnasium I decided that I would like to work for what is my biggest passion: games.
At first I started to study games engineering at the TU-München but after 3 semester I noticed that it was not quite what I wanted to learn.
Sadly the TU barely provided contact to the industry and was very focused on theory.

Therefore I started looking for more practice-focused studies and found the Mediadesign Hochschule (MDH) München, where I received my Game Design B.Sc.
The MDH teaches every part of game development and allows the Students to focus on art or programming. I chose to focus on programming.

After getting my Bachelors Degree I started working as a freelancer for Mixtvision. During that short period of time a game called In the Garden of Dandelions emerged, which can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

Programming knowledge

– Advanced C# knowledge (especially in Unity3D)
– Good understanding of Object-oriented programming languages (basic knowledge of Java and Dart)
– Good scripting knowledge, especially in LUA
– Moderate C++ knowledge
– Good understanding for AI-programming.
– Advanced understanding for Gameplay-programming


– Native French (C2)
– Native German (C2)
– Advanced English (C1) | TOEFL iBT® 111/120
– Basic Korean (A1)

Additional information

I am always happy and ready to learn new things in order to improve my skills.
By thinking critically about anything I do and not taking things for granted I tend to reduce the amount of bad outcomes/results.
When programming I always try to think around the corner, even when implementing functions I have programmed multiple times. In my opinion it is important to always adapt the code to the project and not the other way around.
At last I always look to be result oriented and not outcome dependent. This is very important as this drives me to always do my best.


Since my early years I love to build computers, it first started with changing a GPU.
After a few years it developed and became a passion. I am now able to build a PC from scratch. One of my earlier builds had a custom water-cooling loop and custom sleeved cables. For my latest build I decided to go one step further.

I also like to drive Go-Karts, play bowling, billiard and generally any activity that gives adrenaline rushes like rollercoaster or bungee-jumping.