Magical Potions

Thomas Sentier

Magical Potions


The second team-project I worked on during University was “Magical Potions”, a 2D-point-and-click adventure made in the Visionaire Studio engine.

The key feature in Magical Potions is the brewing system, which is a special form of puzzle found across all chapters of the game.


What I did

In this team of 8 person I was once again the only programmer, I scripted all gameplay features that were not supported by the engine and implemented the quests and story.

What I learned

The biggest thing I learned with this project was to solve problems by myself when using engines that do not provide a lot of support or have a big community behind it.

Visionaire Studio did not provide a lot of help for scripting, therefore I had to find solutions for small problems by myself. Since the engine is base on LUA I also learned how to script with this language.

Furthermore I created a launcher for the game in Visual Basic.


Our project received the 3rd place in the Visionaire Studio adventure game contest.

Here is some feedback of the reviewers: