Ghost Tappers

Thomas Sentier

Ghost Tappers


During my time at Ingman I had the chance to work on the idle clicker game “Ghost Tappers”.

Ghost Tappers is a follow-up to the popular Facebook game Ghost Trappers. Available on Android and iOS.

The game was released in 2019 on Android and iOS but sadly in 2022 the backend server was shutdown since the revenue generated from the micro-transactions did not pay for the server cost.




Ghost Tappers is a very simple game where the player simply touches the screen to damage enemy ghosts and collect gold. The gold collected can be invested in various agents increasing the player’s damage and providing various bonusses like “passive damage”, “gold multiplier”, “infernal damage”, etc…

The game has over 800 different ghosts across 55+ stages, which can all be photographed in order to complete the photo album within the game.

In order to complete the stages the player can ally with 120 unique agents ranging from generic scientist to crazy goddess, all with unique flavor texts, items and passive abilities.

The player can reset its progress via the ‘prestige’ system once stage 100 has been reached, providing treats, a new currency.
The treats can be used to unlock permanent companions, providing another set of unique buffs.


I joined the development team after the game was already being developed for a year on/off between other projects. The base structure comprising a server-client communication was already in place, as well as the basic tapping mechanic.

The game was always being developed as a side project when the company did not have enough work for the 5 developers.

Besides programming for Ghost Tappers I also helped a lot with the game design, especially with balancing and designing the various active/passive abilities.

My main programming roles for the game were the responsive UI, the prestige system, the companion system and the Android functionalities (shop, ads, login…)

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